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What is the Better Bedder®?
A giant headband that wraps around the sides of your mattress. You put it on once and it becomes a part of your mattress for the life of your mattress. No more lifting those heavy corners!

How do I put on the Better Bedder®?
The Better Bedder® is put on your mattress before you put on any sheets. It's important to pull each Better Bedder corner halfway down your mattress. Then, go back to each corner and pull down the rest of the way. Warning: You never want to pull each corner down all the way because that fourth corner will be impossible to pull down! View our How- To Install Video here!

How do I use fitted sheets with the Better Bedder®?
As you’ll see in this video, you’ll no longer put any sheets under your mattress ever again. In fact, you won’t ever need to lift your mattress again. You simply tuck the corners of the fitted sheets into the Better Bedder®. The Better Bedder® will keep your fitted sheets tucked and help your sheets stay in place all night. View our Video!

Why won't the Better Bedder work on my mattress?
Not measuring is the number one reason why the Better Bedder isn't working correctly. For mattresses that are not adjustable, the length can be off by only one inch OR the width can be off by only one inch, but not both. For adjustable beds, the length and width must match exact Better Bedder measurements. 

Twin 38" x 75"
Full 54" x 75"
Queen 60" x 80"
King 76" x 80"
Cal King 72" x 84" 

Will it hold my blanket too?
Yes, there is enough room in the Better Bedder® to keep your blanket and other items. Remember, the sides of the Better Bedder® are not as tight as the corners; so along the sides of your mattress, your sheets and blankets are tucked in but not gripped. And yes, even with a blanket, a mattress topper and a mattress pad, all the bedding will stay snug! View our Video! If you have a removable mattress topper, the Better Bedder® should sit two inches below the top of the mattress.

Do I need special sheets?
No. You use your current sheets or any sheets that you like. If you bought beautiful, expensive sheets that don't fit on your mattress, they will now fit perfectly. With a Better Bedder®, you can even use two flat sheets if you’re sick of dealing with fitted sheets.

It's a nightstand too??!!
Do you sit up reading books in bed until you start to doze off? You can tuck that book into the side of your Better Bedder® once you're done, along with your glasses, phone and remote control 🤓 It will also hold your CPAP machine right on the side of your bed. You may not even need a nightstand anymore!

How often do I have to wash my Better Bedder®?
You don’t sleep on the Better Bedder® so there is no need to frequently wash it. You can wash it as often as you would wash your comforter. Machine wash cold, gentle cycle. Dry low heat. Light iron when needed.

What if the Better Bedder is not tight enough on my mattress?
We recommend that you measure your mattress to be certain you are less than two inches different from our measurements. There are “small” king mattresses and “small” queen mattresses that you may not know you have. 

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