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What is the Better Bedder®?

A giant headband that wraps around the sides of your mattress. You put it on once and it becomes a part of your mattress for the life of your mattress. No more lifting those heavy corners!


How do I put sheets on without lifting my mattress?

You no longer need to lift your mattress to change your sheets or make your bed. With the Better Bedder®, you simply tuck from the top, and your sheets will stay tight. View Our Video!


How do I put on the Better Bedder®?

You will lift your mattress one last time to put the Better Bedder® on permanently. You then simply tuck in your fitted and flat sheets a few inches into the Better Bedder®. There is no need to put any sheets under the mattress.

The Better Bedder® is put on your mattress before you put on any sheets. It's important to pull each Better Bedder corner halfway down your mattress. Then, go back to each corner and pull down the rest of the way. Warning: You never want to pull each corner down all the way because that fourth corner will be impossible to pull down!


How do I use fitted sheets with the Better Bedder®?

As you’ll see in this video, you’ll no longer put any sheets under your mattress ever again. In fact, you won’t ever need to lift your mattress again. You simply tuck the corners of the fitted sheets into the Better Bedder®. The Better Bedder® will keep your fitted sheets tucked and help your sheets stay in place all night. View our video!


Why won't the Better Bedder work on my mattress?

Because you didn't measure your mattress and check the chart below. For mattresses that are not adjustable, the length can be off by only one inch OR the width can be off by only one inch, but not both. For adjustable beds, the length and width must match exact Better Bedder measurements. 

Not measuring is the number one reason why the Better Bedder isn't working correctly. There are many variations to standard mattress sizes. If you receive your Better Bedder and your sheets won't fit tight, then your mattress is several inches smaller than a standard and you never knew it. Better Bedder measurements are:

Twin 38" x 75"

Full 54" x 75"

Queen 60" x 80"


King 76" x 80"

Cal King 72" x 84" 

The Better Bedder® should be tightly gripping the corners of your mattress but should be loose along the sides. The Better Bedder® must sit at least two inches below the top of the mattress. If you have a removable mattress topper, the Better Bedder® should sit two inches below it. If you have a sturdy permanent topper, the Better Bedder should sit just below the topper.

If your mattress is 17 inches in height or less, you’ll tuck the excess of the Better Bedder® under your mattress.  If your mattress is over 17 inches in height, you simply won’t have any excess Better Bedder® to tuck under your mattress. If you have a thin mattress, it needs to be firm for the Better Bedder to work. If your mattress is under 7 inches, then it must be very sturdy for the Better Bedder to work. If your mattress is soft and flimsy, the Better Bedder won’t grip the corners of your mattress like it should. Instead, your mattress may bend from the Better Bedder.



Can I use two flat sheets to get a tight fit?

Yes, if you use a flat sheet in the place of a fitted sheet, you can make your bottom sheet wrinkle-free when making your bed everyday. With a fitted sheet, the Better Bedder® is gripping only the corner of the fitted sheet. When you use a flat sheet instead, you can take the corner of the flat sheet and “wrap” it around the mattress corner and push it two inches under the Better Bedder® corner. This creates an even tighter fit. You can even have less wrinkles when sleeping throughout the night.


Will it hold my blanket too?

Yes, there is enough room in the Better Bedder® to keep your blanket and other items. Remember, the sides of the Better Bedder® are not as tight as the corners; so along the sides of your mattress, your sheets and blankets are tucked in but not gripped. And yes, even with a blanket, a mattress topper and a mattress pad, all the bedding will stay snug! View Our Video!


Will this work on my adjustable bed?

For adjustable beds, the length and width must match exact Better Bedder measurements below. Even one inch off will not work properly. 

Twin 38" x 75"

Full 54" x 75"

Queen 60" x 80"

King 76" x 80"

Cal King 72" x 84"

Adjustable beds tend to have smaller than normal mattresses listed above so please measure before ordering. We have received feedback from many customers telling us they absolutely love the Better Bedder® for their adjustable beds. But every adjustable bed is different.

While the sheets stay on because the corners of the Better Bedder® hold them tight, the sides of the Better Bedder® loosen when the bed is in the "L" position. Here is one customer review on Facebook:

"Just wanted to let you know how much I love my Better Bedder. I often awoke several times a night with wrinkled sheets. Some days I felt like a zombie from no sleep. The Better Bedder holds the sheets in place and I sleep so much better THANK YOU! Also, our bed is a Sleep Number Cal-King split. I have absolutely no problem making the two mattresses act as one regular king. This is the perfect solution for my husband and I."

Finally, we had several customers tell us that the Better Bedder® works on adjustable beds with hoses. However, we did have one customer say it did not work because of hoses that come out of the end of his mattress. So all in all, the Better Bedder® will keep sheets in place on most adjustable beds!

Regular mattresses: The length can be off by one inch OR the width can be off by one inch, but not both.



Will it hold my mattress pad and topper in place?

Yes, the Better Bedder will work with any mattress topper—and hold it in place. The trick is to place the Better Bedder® so that it grips the sturdy sides of the mattress. If you have a removable mattress topper, the Better Bedder® should sit two inches below the top of the mattress. If you have a sturdy permanent topper, the Better Bedder should sit just below the topper. The Better Bedder will hold the mattress pad in place as well.  

Remember, the Better Bedder® is put on an empty bed and then stays there "forever" as you put sheets on and off the bed. If you frequently wash your mattress pad or topper, then put the Better Bedder® on first and don't tuck the item under the mattress. Tuck it into the Better Bedder. However, if you don't wash the pad or topper frequently, then put the item on first and tuck it under the mattress. Both the item and the Better Bedder® stay on the bed as you put sheets on and off the bed. And yes, even with a blanket, a topper and a pad, all the bedding will stay snug!


Do I need special sheets?

No. You use your current sheets or any sheets that you like. If you bought beautiful, expensive sheets that don't fit on your mattress, they will now fit perfectly. With a Better Bedder®, you can even use two flat sheets if you’re sick of dealing with fitted sheets. Click the video below for more.

Are your sheets baggy? Are they old and stretched? The Better Bedder® will grab your baggy sheets and make them tight on your bed. Whether it’s a fitted sheet or a flat sheet, it will fit better on your bed with a Better Bedder®. Or maybe you have the opposite problem, and your sheets are too tight. They pop off the corners of your mattress at night.

Or, maybe your mattress is just too tall and your flat sheets won't tuck under the bed. You’ll just tuck those sheets right into the top of the

Better Bedder®, and it will hold them in place.


Are those reviews REAL?

You saw the Facebook ad, did an internet search, read the reviews, and are still skeptical. We understand. We would be too because we are regular people just like you. 

The story is true. Trevor and Tyler are the twin sons of one of the inventors. Grandma really is their 93 year-old grandma. Nita is the co-inventor, and with her daughter Blake, they do many of our videos. We are not a big company. We are as amazed and excited every time a customer tells us how the Better Bedder® helped them.

The reviews you read are 99% strangers we have never met. We have not paid anyone to write a review on Facebook, Instagram or anywhere. It's easy to verify. Every review on Facebook is connected to the Facebook profile of the reviewer. You can easily find that person on Facebook and ask them. 

The #1 reason for returns is because customers don’t realize their mattress is smaller than normal. Mattresses sold as kings and queens are a few inches short. Lucie ordered a king Better Bedder and it didn’t work. She was surprised when she measured her mattress and it measured as a European King. We custom-made a Better Bedder® and here is what she said:

“...thankfully I had put the better bedder on before I broke my arm. I love it, it works great and I have still been able to change the sheets with my cast on. I have told all my friends about the (we laugh) the bed headband. I think measuring the mattress is the best way to go, to have an accurate size.”

Any time we hear that a Better Bedder® "doesn't fit" we ask that you check your mattress size. We also know that the Better Bedder® does not solve every problem. It won't keep your sheets wrinkle-free (they will wrinkle when you sleep on them). On some mattresses, the Better Bedder®  may be loose because your mattress is not sturdy. 

The Better Bedder® is more than a $15 sheet fastener. It fastens your sheets. You won't kick sheets out. You won't lift the mattress. You will never tuck sheets under your mattress. You won't need help making your bed or changing your sheets. Your bed skirt stays in place, hooray! Your bed sheets will fit snugly on your mattress, and you can even use a BIGGER size fitted sheet or a SMALLER size flat sheet (crazy, huh?). It will hold a ton of items for you including your iPad, phone, books, glasses, CPAP mask, asthma inhalers. The list goes on. So even if you buy it for one reason and you are not happy about that reason, you may find another reason to love the Better Bedder®.


Will my sheets be wrinkle-free?

You can make your bed in seconds with the Better Bedder and your sheets will look wrinkle-free all day. But once you sleep in the bed, your sheets will wrinkle. Watch our demo below for more.


Can I keep my feet outside of the Better Bedder?

Yes! You can easily untuck one bottom corner of your sheets from the Better Bedder® while keeping the other bottom corner tucked. It's amazing! So if you sleep untucked but your partner sleeps tucked under the covers-no problem...the Better Bedder will work. Check out our video below explaining this.


It's a nightstand too??!!

Do you sit up reading books in bed until you start to doze off? You can tuck that book into the side of your Better Bedder® once you're done, along with your glasses, phone and remote control 🤓 It will also hold your CPAP machine right on the side of your bed. You may not even need a nightstand anymore!


Is it guaranteed?

We guarantee that if you measure your mattress, and it is the same size as our mattress dimensions, then the Better Bedder will work as advertised:

  • You won't lift your mattress to change your sheets or make your bed. (YES, you will lift your mattress one LAST time to put the Better Bedder on once!)
  • You won't kick your sheets out during the night.
  • Your sheets won't be baggy.
  • Your sheets won't pop off at night.
  • Your sheets won't bunch up under the Better Bedder if you adjust them.

Here are things the Better Bedder won't do:

  • It won't fit if your mattress does not have the dimensions we list. As one customer told us, she was unaware she has a "renegade mattress". She always thought she had a twin. Then she bought the Better Bedder and "it did not work". We asked her to measure her mattress. She confirmed the problem was her mattress not the Better Bedder. Her "standard twin" was 36" x 73", not the standard 39" x 75".
  • Your sheets won't be wrinkle-free when you wake up. There will be wrinkles because you slept on your sheets!
  • Your cover sheet will be firmly gripped at the bottom but will not be held tightly at the sides. Your cover sheet will tuck nicely into the loose sides of the Better Bedder so that you can freely move in and out of your sheets.

The Better Bedder will work as advertised if your mattress is standard dimensions. If it is not standard, then the solution is to order a custom-fit Better Bedder. Now just because your mattress was sold to you as a twin or a queen or whatever, does not mean it really measures to that. Not only was our customer mentioned above surprised by her renegade mattress, but it has happened to several other customers. Another customer was certain she had a king mattress. When the Better Bedder did not work, we asked her to humor us and measure her mattress. It was a European king...much smaller than the standard king. She then ordered a custom Better Bedder, and it fit like a glove.

Finally, just as we were about to post this blog, yet another happy customer from Painesville , Ohio, sent this to us at 9:13 tonight:

"I have a king split top mattress. I'm so happy that I purchased the King Better Bedder because it holds my feather fitted sheets which do not have to be split top now to stay on. Plus my top sheet and blankets tuck into the better Bedder too! It has saved me alot of money as I can use my regular fitted sheets now whereas I could not before as the top would never stay on. This is a fantastic product...wonderfully made."


Will it help those with disabilities?




How often do I have to wash my Better Bedder®?

You don’t sleep on the Better Bedder® so there is no need to frequently wash it. You can wash it as often as you would wash your comforter. Machine wash cold, gentle cycle. Dry low heat. Light iron when needed.

With proper care, the Better Bedder® will last the lifetime of your mattress. In fact, your sheets will last longer when you tuck them into the Better Bedder® because you will no longer be stretching them under the mattress. 

The Better Bedder® will also save you money because you can buy flat sheets that are one size smaller. Also, you’ll never have to buy an entire set of sheets. When your fitted sheet wears out, just replace it with one flat sheet.


Is the Better Bedder® made in America?

Yes! The Better Bedder® is proudly made in America. Each Better Bedder® is hand-sewn on sewing machines by seamstresses in our home state of Louisiana and inspected before being shipped to you.


What if the Better Bedder is not tight enough on my mattress?

We recommend that you measure your mattress to be certain you are less than two inches different from our measurements. There are “small” king mattresses and “small” queen mattresses that you may not know you have. 

If you have an odd size mattress, choose "Custom" as your size. We'll need the exact dimensions of your mattress and pictures if possible. Take a measurement of the perimeter of the mattress. Let us know if you have any unusual aspects to the mattress such as curved corners, otherwise we will assume it is a rectangle.

Custom orders are non-returnable since we would be unable to re-sell it. We have produced custom products for customers with antique beds and odd size mattresses. The Better Bedder® is a good solution because then you use any flat sheets that cover the top of the mattress-no need for fitted sheets!


How soon will I receive my Better Bedder?

Due to overwhelming Shark Tank demand - there may be a delay in shipping. But your order is on its way!


*Sales tax is collected in select states as required by law.